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About Us

We Are a modern snow plowing company !!

Topp-Notch was born here in Banff. It is proudly locally owned and operated. We are founded on good neighborly values and we share the feeling of community found here in this beautiful town

All the staff of Topp-Notch shares a similar mindset. We are all here to enjoy the beauty of nature and contribute to its economy in one way or the other

We bring a touch of freshness to an industry as old as the rock. The snow industry hasn’t seen improvement in a long time and we are here to change that

Snowy cascade mountain shot took from Banff avenue

Why Choose Us?

Well, on the legal side of things, we are 100% legit and fully insured. So it is a good start but we are trying to revolutionize the snow industry. An old industry, with an old mindset, and old practices. Nothing wrong with old things however we think that the snow industry could use a fresh touch, new ideas and a new perspectives

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Commercial propreties
residential propreties

A team of professional  ready and capable of moving and disposing snow in a efficient manner 

we love snow, but snow hate us

We move dry snow, wet snow, we move any kind of snow !!

Commercial, residential, industrial, Topp-Notch got your back

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Company Timeline

Milestone of Topp-Notch so far…


Find Out Answers Here

it is entirely up to you. We can come every time snow accumulation reach 1inh, 2 inch, 3inch…. You decide how often you would like us to come

We try to get everyone done first thing in the morning so no one get stuck in their driveway or parking lot but we promise to clear all the properties within 12h of the last snow flake. We will discuss with you what time would be the most ideal during the quote

 Depending of the demand and need of the customer we are flexible in our pricing structure but we usually do a ‘per event’ price. Give us a call for a free estimate 

We come do a walkaround of the driveway, sidewalk, parking lot .. to be cleared. we take note of the layout and current condition of the area, then we take measurement of the area that need to be snow free and we create a g suite document, then we send the document your way. We then follow with a phone call to discuss details and if everything is green, we forward a contract and we are ready to start clearing snow

we have a shoveling crew, and a commercial crew on call and are ready to tackle snowstorm whenever the snow hits

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